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Dental Radiation

Equipment vendors are required by regulation to have a specific radiation program for each branch location. Novallier will work with your sales team and technical services division, both locally and at corporate level, to create a personalized installer radiology manual. The officer in charge is provided with an annual checklist of requirements to complete with the local branch throughout the year. Live updates are added to the digital manual as new rulings and changes come out and are also sent directly to the officer in charge both locally and at the corporate level. Novallier can provide support when technicians or the sales team have any questions or concerns regarding local radiation regulations.

In addition to equipment vendors, Novallier also offers a support program directly for manufacturers. Representing multiple states can often lead to confusion with local regulations regarding equipment and shielding requirements. Novallier can offer support to help understand what is required in each state. This includes a customized subscription program with unlimited phone and email support to answer any regulation inquiry.

If you are an equipment vendor or manufacturer, please contact our sales team to see how Novallier can assist with your radiology compliance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Novallier sell or service equipment?

Novallier's focus is on providing industry best compliance solutions. We do not sell or service equipment but instead work with equipment manufacturers and vendors to help ensure facilities meet all necessary compliance requirements.

Last Updated:
August 20, 2020
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