Meet the Team

Carrie D
Business Operations

Carrie graduated from The Ohio State University in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. She started work in the dental compliance and equipment field in 2015 and began focusing on compliance full time in 2020. She brings attention to detail and a desire to help- using both traits to assist dental offices reach their compliance needs. Carrie currently lives in Hilliard, Ohio with her husband and two dogs, with a little one due in December. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking, and gardening.

Jake W
Development/Operations Engineer

Platform engineer and developer of the FoxPath™ compliance toolkit system for Novallier - handling product development, quality assurance, and technology operations. Jake is skilled in Linux/POSIX network and systems administration, process automation/re-engineering, technology lifecycle management, and has a history in web and graphic design. He is an active member of The Linux Foundation, Open Source Initiative (OSI), and Electronic Frontier Foundation, and participates in multiple open/libre technology communities and digital/social activism efforts. In his spare time, Jake enjoys backpacking trips, downhill longboarding, street photography, chatting philosophy and politics, and tinkering with retro electronics.

Julie W, RDH
Compliance Program Architect

As the Compliance Program Architect and radiation safety expert for Novallier, Julie leads compliance program research, structuring, and production. Graduating from The Ohio State University with a major in Dental Hygiene and a minor in Community Health, she worked clinically for almost 18 years before retiring early due to a cancer diagnosis. Shortly after she developed the Radiation Guidelines & Regulatory Procedures Manual, a modular safety program that became the inspiration for Novallier. In her free time, Julie enjoys camping and hiking, biking, swimming, gardening, and most of all spending time with her family.

Our Mission

We craft the tools to empower your compliance team and supercharge your safety program.

Our goal at Novallier is to reduce compliance-related costs through intelligent automation, simplify complexity into accessible action items, and provide comprehensive resources and training for safety officers nationwide.

Our History

After working for 18 years as a dental hygienist, a cancer diagnosis forced Julie to retire early. Julie's husband, Carl, was working as a senior dental equipment technician and had noted a need for a new approach to dental radiation program manuals. This improved method would need to be easy for facilities to manage and maintain long-term, but also be tailored to their unique specifications. Together they drafted a proof-of-concept program manual that quickly evolved into the Radiation Guidelines & Regulatory Procedures Manual®.

Following the manual's approval and her recovery, Julie established ASA Resource Group and began providing offices throughout the state of Ohio with radiation manual assistance. ASA Resource Group soon grew into Capital City Compliance with Carl joining full-time due to an increased demand for assistance with dental radiation safety and radiation device calibrations.

Jake was working as a web developer for Capital City Compliance's parent organization, and in his spare time, had created a small application named Orbiter for automating and maintaining technical documentation. Wanting to expand the reach of the Radiation Guidelines & Regulatory Procedures Manual® outside of Ohio, and seeing the potential in this tool, Julie and Jake teamed up to reimagine her tried and tested program as a dynamic new system based on Orbiter. Early testing proved highly successful and laid the groundwork for what would become FoxPath™ for Dental Radiation Safety (FoxPath™ DRS) the following year.

In late 2019 the equipment and compliance departments of Capital City Compliance chose to amicably split, one rebranding as Capital City Complete and the other forming a new independent company, Novallier, respectively. With the first release of FoxPath™ DRS on January 1st, 2020, Novallier became able to provide automated regulatory compliance services and resources on a national scale.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my subscription renew automatically?

After the initial billing setup, your subscription and access to subscription features will continue uninterrupted until canceled. You can manage your subscription settings from Manage Account.

Last Updated:
August 20, 2020
Does Novallier sell or service equipment?

Novallier's focus is on providing industry best compliance solutions. We do not sell or service equipment but instead work with equipment manufacturers and vendors to help ensure facilities meet all necessary compliance requirements.

Last Updated:
August 20, 2020
Are there any discounts available for subscriptions?

Feel free to reach out to our sales team and ask about additional savings available through select equipment vendors. We also occasionally provide discount codes to Novallier Community members, so be sure to join!

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August 20, 2020
Who is this Fiona character?

Fiona is the nickname we gave our fox mascot and friendly automated assistant. Sort of like Siri, but fluffy.

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August 13, 2020
Is my information stored/transmitted securely?

All data is securely sent and accessed over TLS/HTTPS at all times, stored and processed per PCI DSS Level 1 and industry best-practice security standards, and will never be sold on to third parties.

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July 20, 2020
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