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Brand Mark

These files are made available for the convience of our partners, press, and other organizations so that they may properly communicate the Novallier brand, provided usage is limited to that which is defined in our Privacy & Terms. The 'Novallier' logo and the 'Fox' brand mark (stylized fox looking up and to the left, incorporating a curving 'path' from the lower left to the tip of the nose, enclosed in a circle) are the copy-protected property and registered trademark of Novallier LTD.


Gala is a custom high-contrast icon set designed for Novallier, and like the design our website and materials, takes inspiration from the look and feel of Apple's 1984 Macintosh System 1.0 operating system and other classic graphical user interfaces of the early home computing years.

stylized 'hamburger' menu symbol
magnifying glass
circle within a circle
four circles arranged into a square
stylized pie graph
radiation wave symbol within a circle
market stall with awning
shopping bag
stylized globe
faux app icon with notification indicator
headset with microphone
video game joystick control
employee identification badge
stylized human portrait
stylized human brain
map location pin
industrial building with a smokestack
stylized tooth
cardboard box with top across the top
document page with text lines and folded corner
sealed envelope
computer terminal prompt
teacup on a saucer
paper coffee cup
presentation screen with upward trending graph line
sign post with directional signs pointing left and right
first-aid cross within a circle
hash/pound symbol in a circle
multiple circles merging into a single path with an arrow
chat bubble with typing ellipses
shield containing a checkmark
vehicle dashboard gauge
bifold wallet with clasp
open door with arrow pointing back
open door with arrow pointing forward
trifold brochure
locked padlock
stylized infinity symbol
stylized typing cursor
download arrow
two intersecting squares


Our brand primarily makes use of two open source typefaces: the Now geometric and low contrast typeface (designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil), and the Open Sans humanist sans-serif typeface (designed by Steve Matteson and commissioned by Google). For minor stylized content we occasionally make use of the open source Inconsolata humanist monospaced font (designed by Raph Levien) - however this font is not to be used when representing the Novallier brand.

Now is a geometric and low contrast typeface with a bit of character. Now Typeface is an Open Source font.

Open Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson, commissioned by Google and released in 2011. It is based on his previous Droid Sans design, designed for Android mobile devices, but slightly wider.

Inconsolata is an open-source font created by Raph Levien and released under the SIL Open Font License. It is a humanist monospaced font designed for source code listing, terminal emulators, and similar uses. It was influenced by the proprietary Consolas monospaced font, designed by Lucas de Groot, the proportional Avenir and IBM's classic monospaced Letter Gothic.

Typeface/Font License

The Now (SIL Open Font License) and Open Sans (Apache License 2.0) typefaces and Inconsolata (SIL Open Font License) font are made freely available to the public for personal and commercial usage as defined by their respective open source licenses.

Color Palette

Colors have qualities which can elicit emotional responses from a viewer and can be a useful tool in conveying a message or idea. The colors of our palette were selected to help convey messages of creativity, flexibility, and accessibility. We believe these traits represent the personality of our team, our company, and how we strive to interact with our customers.

HEX: #292f36
CYMK: 24, 13, 0, 79
RGB: 41, 47, 54
HEX: #3e444a
CYMK: 16, 8, 0, 71
RGB: 62, 68, 74
HEX: #ffc857
CYMK: 0, 22, 66, 0
RGB: 255, 200, 87
Fox Tail
HEX: #fc7752
CYMK: 0, 53, 67, 1
RGB: 252, 119, 82
HEX: #da4167
CYMK: 0, 70, 53, 15
RGB: 218, 65, 103
HEX: #403d58
CYMK: 27, 31, 0, 65
RGB: 64, 61, 88
HEX: #1f5673
CYMK: 73, 25, 0, 55
RGB: 31, 86, 115
HEX: #137262
CYMK: 83, 0, 14, 55
RGB: 19, 114, 98
Robin's Egg
HEX: #1b998b
CYMK: 82, 0, 9, 40
RGB: 27, 153, 139
HEX: #82d173
CYMK: 38, 0, 45, 18
RGB: 130, 209, 115
HEX: #5f5449
CYMK: 0, 12, 23, 63
RGB: 95, 84, 73
HEX: #f5f5f5
CYMK: 0, 0, 0, 4
RGB: 245, 245, 245
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