Reviewing your completed manual

Review your DRS Manual! The Program Outline is the Table of Contents for your DRS Manual. You should be able to click on certain sections of this document and it will take you directly to the desired area of the document. The Program Checklist is a crucial document for the Radiation Safety Officer. The Checklist is arranged so that it matches the 12 sections in the DRS manual. You're not done just yet! Each item on the Program Checklist must be completed in order for your DRS program to meet all compliance requirements.

Note: We recommend having a separate 'Radiation Binder' in order to store the necessary documentation that will be required during your inspection. DRS manual sections give further directions on documentation storage as necessary. It is best if the Radiation Binder is organized and divided into the same 12 sections to correspond with the DRS manual. Your inspector will want to review the digital DRS Manual on the desktop, as well as, the Radiation Binder for required documents during your inspection, so it must be available and organization is important.

Some documents such as the 'Certificate of Registration' and 'Reports of Assemblies' must be supplied by your practice. These documents may be uploaded into your DRS manual or stored in the separate Radiation Binder. The documents which must be printed from the DRS manual, such as the 'Annual Employee Meeting' (ALL employees must sign) and 'Device Training Sheets' (ALL licensed operators must sign) will need to be signed and stored in the separate Radiation Binder. The documents must be stored for the length of the 5 year inspection cycle.

Remember that if you ever find yourself in need of help, our team of compliance professionals are readily available by chat, email, and phone.

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